Lite Program

DSafe is a Lightweight application. It uses minimum system resources (RAM / CPU / Network) when taking backups and almost nothing otherwise. This allows users to carry out their routine work smoothly. Daily backups will not hamper their performance.

A major cause of concern whenever a software is installed is the resources it will consume on the Server and Client machines. This comes to light only after a few weeks of implementation. DSafe has been built by a highly experienced core team. It has been tried and tested, eradicating all the bottlenecks, resulting in a smooth flow even after years of continuous execution.

No more Network Jams

If several machines, say 400, have been selected to backup daily to a particular Destination, you would expect a load on the Network causing all other office work to come to a standstill. With DSafe you need not worry as it never causes a Network Jam due to its unique queuing system.
No more Network Jams
Quickly deployable

Quickly Deployable

If you are using Microsoft's Active Directory or similar product then it is possible to deploy on 1000 machines, with intricately planned data to be backed up, within few hours.

  • Using templates, you can replicate a backup profile to be used for other machines within the network, thus saving time and maintaining accuracy. Even without AD etc the installation is quick and easy, completed with just a click.
  • Grouping of Machines help with distributed / focused management when it comes to large installations.

Delta Incrementals

DSafe uses Delta technology to backup only edited portions within a file. DSafe5 blends the advantages of Differential backup and Incremental backup by using an indigenous logic to create a delta structure, allowing data Restoration quickly and accurately.

Deduplication of Files

This is done to save destination space and network utilization. Files with the same content have just one backup copy. A significant percentage of files are often skipped, due to deduplication.

Refresh of Backups not required.

First time backups are time consuming as compared with Daily Incremental Backups. With DSafe you do not have to worry that this situation will come up again.
Usually Refresh of backups is required to speed up restores or to make restores reliable. DSafe has a unique method of managing the daily incremental backups with a combination of differential. You have the benefits of quick and reliable restores without the need to refresh the full backup. At the same time Destination Machines do not prepare Synthetic Full backups so not load on the destination either.

Backup Open Files like Microsoft Outlook PST, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra, Tally etc.

DSafe takes consistent backups even if they are open and being used actively by several users.
DSafe prepares a temporary Snapshot by using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) while compressing files on Local Drives. This process allows DSafe to take consistent data backups of applications even if they are Open & being used actively.